E*Future: Doing what we can for the planet
We live in the lower sky. What we do to the sky sets the limit to how well we can live. The sky, literally, *is* the limit.
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The logo and trademark of EStarFuture Corporation Limited, trading as E*Future. Copyright 2004 Nobilangelo Ceramalus, 2005 EStarFuture Corporation. Click for details.
EStarFuture's name (also spelt E*Future--both TM), and its primary slogan ('the sky is the limit' TM), symbolise the true bottom line--what should be every company's bottom line: human beings, and the planet that sustains them. Money is the second-to-bottom line. Important but not vital.

So the big E in our logo stands first and foremost for the earth, the only place in the entire universe where we can live, the only environment available for human life. What we do to it, we do to ourselves.

The E also stands for the energy we need to run our lives and economies. But 'Energy that does not not cost the earth' (TM) as E*Future's second slogan puts it.

It also stands for electricity. First, the electricity needed to split water by electrolysis, the cleanest, most environmentally friendly way of producing hydrogen (especially when the electricity comes from solar, hydro or wind sources--i.e., from the actions of sunlight and water). Second, the electricity that hydrogen generates when it flows through fuel-cells (hydrogen batteries).

The star between 'E' and 'Future' stands for three things. First, every single atom that exists was formed in the crucible of the stars, so we are made, the earth is made--everything is made--of star-stuff. Second, hydrogen, which must be our future, was the element that formed the elemental stars; from them came the second-generation stars in which all other elements were formed. Third, the hydrogen-solar economy is the rising energy star, struggling to shine through an oily smog.