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The only forms of energy that do not cost the earth are clean ones--sunlight, water, hydrogen.
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The sky, in which we all live and move and have our being, forms the boundary of our lives. It, literally, *is* is the limit. What we do to it we do to ourselves.
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2063 Fuel-cell Innovation Poster

H x W: 594x420mm (A2)

The poster shows how a PEM fuel cell works and sets out hydrogen's role as energy carrier in a solar-hydrogen energy system.

2065 Media Pack

Poster H x W: 594x420mm (A2)
Transparencies H x W: 297x210mm (A4)

Twelve transparencies on the fuel-cell, the fuel-cell poster (as in 2063 above) and a CD-ROM. The transparencies and CD-ROM cover fuel cells, hydrogen technology and renewable energy.

2066 Fuel-cell Book

A comprehensive, 120-page introduction to solar-hydrogen and fuel-cell technologies. It includes a laboratory manual for student experiments on solar cells, electrolysis and fuel cells; as well as work-sheets for students and teachers.

Part One covers the solar-hydrogen cycle, solar energy, PEM electrolysers, hydrogen storage, the history of fuel-cells and the various types of fuel-cell.

Part Two covers a range of experiments with solar modules, PEM electrolysers and PEM fuel-cells.

Part Three is a range of basic and advanced worksheets and student experiments on solar cells, PEM electrolysers and PEM fuel-cells.

This well-written, well-illustrated, handy-sized book (170 x 220 x 8mm) is included as a standard item in all educational systems. Its detailed helpfulness is underlined by the flyleaf diagram that shows the percentage enlargement needed to copy its pages to A4 sheets for handing out to students

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