A stylised kiwi. They aren't really green, but New Zealand is a green country.
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New Zealand, showing the three main islands: the North Island, the South Island, and tiny Stewart Island down at the bottom. The inset of Auckland below looks north-east across the city towards the Hauraki Gulf.
A fantail, a small, very friendly bird, native to New Zealand, feeding its young.
A river flowing through a mossy, fern-rich gorge in the Urewera Forest in New Zealand's North Island.
A typically lush scene in New Zealand's native bush. This photo was taken in the Whirinaki Forest.
South Island tranquillity.
The Waikato River becomes a dramatic torrent above the Huka Falls, in the centre of the North Island.
Snow-clad magnificence in the South Island.
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The kiwi, NZ's beloved national bird & symbol. 'Kiwi' is also what NZers are called the world over. And when some enterprising NZers popularised the delicious Chinese Gooseberry they called it the kiwifruit. Click for more on kiwis (the bird that is).
The logo and trademark of EStarFuture Corporation Limited, also trading as E*Future (TM). Copyright 2004, Nobilangelo Ceramalus and 2005 EStarFuture Corporation.
We live in the sky. It therefore forms the boundaries to our lives. The sky, literally, *is* the limit. What we do to it we do to ourselves
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Energy from sunlight and water, solar-hydrogen energy systems, not burning black stuff (coal and oil)
EStarFuture (TM) is a private company based in New Zealand--the country that Kevin Roberts, the CEO of Saatchi and Saatchi, says is out on the innovative edge of the world. He should know. He and his family moved here in 1989. Our hometown, and his--Auckland--is New Zealand's biggest city. It is also called the City of Sails because so many people own yachts and powered craft for sport, fishing or recreation. Auckland has produced some of the world's finest sailors, such as the late Sir Peter Blake, whose many winning triumphs included the Whitbread Round-the-World Race, the Sydney to Hobart Race, and the Everest of yachting, the America's Cup.

E*Future only supplies quality products for the sunlight and water economy --products that run on hydrogen made from water and/or sunlight, because those are the only forms of energy that are good for the planet.

Although we have little or no influence over the suppliers of parts, we try, because of the way we feel about the planet, to choose ones made in the most environmentally-friendly way. We only want to be protecting the sky in which we all must dwell.

EStarFuture's name (also spelt E*Future--both TM), and primary slogan ('the sky is the limit' TM), symbolise the true bottom line--what should be every company's bottom line: human beings, and the planet that sustains them. For too long we have thought of money as the bottom line. That is wrong. The true bottom line is life and the quality of life. If you are dead, money is useless. You cannot earn it; you cannot spend it; you cannot invest it; you cannot pay tax on it. And if your life has been made nasty, brutish and short by messing up the planet, money cannot buy you a single minute of quality time. Money is only the second-to-bottom line.

So the big E in our logo stands first and foremost for the earth, the only place in the entire universe where we can live, the only environment available for human life. What we do to it, we do to ourselves.

The E also stands for the energy we need to run our lives and economies. We foolishly built our modern economies on a blind addiction to fossil-fuels. In consequence we are killing the sky; we are ruining the climate that underpins and rules our lives. We live in that climate--we live in the lower sky. The sky, literally, is the limit to how we live. The only way to avoid fouling it past cleansing is to change our energy-base to sunlight and water, because nothing but sunlight and water should be coming from the sky. What goes up must come down. If we use the sky as an open sewer and fling all our filth up there, as we have for well over a century, we should not be surprised if we end up living like rats down a filthy drain. Far better that we change ASAP to 'Energy that does not cost the Earth' (TM)--E*Future's second slogan.

Specifically, the E in E*Future is for electricity. First, the electricity needed to split water by electrolysis, the cleanest, most environmentally friendly way of producing hydrogen (especially when the electricity comes from solar, hydro or wind sources--i.e., from the actions of sunlight and water). Second, it is the electricity that hydrogen generates when it flows through fuel-cells (hydrogen batteries) and turns back into water.

The electrolysis of water is critically important in the hydrogen economy, because it is the
only environmentally safe way of producing it. Life is a natural cycle, and we have found to our peril that if our energy sources are not cycles, in harmony with nature, we create huge problems for the planet and ourselves. Almost no hydrogen exists freely on earth, so if we are to make it to use as an energy-source we must create a natural cycle for it--a cycle in harmony with nature. When hydrogen is made by splitting water, then used in fuel-cells, it combines with oxygen in the air and goes back to water, pure water. That is the cycle we need--the same atoms of hydrogen and oxygen looping round for ever. Only that is harmoniously natural; only that is forever safe (click here for more details).

But if we again bow to the Boys from the Black Stuff--the coal and oil companies whose careless greed have pitched us into this global-
overheating catastrophe--and allow them to make hydrogen from fossil-
fuels, we would be introducing hydrogen atoms from outside a natural loop. Therefore when those atoms combined with oxygen from the atmosphere they would be steadily removing ever more of it. That is not a very bright idea, because there is only a 3% margin between the present 21% of oxygen in the air and the 17.5-18% at which we cannot survive. Global asphyxiation would not be a very pleasant way to end human civilisation...

The star between 'E' and 'Future' in E*Future (TM) stands for three things. First, every single atom that exists was formed in the crucible of the stars, so we are made, the earth is made--everything is made--of star-stuff. Second, hydrogen, which must be our future, was the element that formed the elemental stars; from them came the second-generation stars in which all other elements were formed. Third, the hydrogen-solar economy is the rising energy star, struggling to shine through an oily smog.

EStarFuture (TM). Looking to the real future--the future of electricity, the future of energy, the future of the earth, the future of human life. With advanced products. Here & now.
Fuel-cells (batteries that run on hydrogen)
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