E*Future's products are designed and built to give the next generation a better future. That is the only reason for their existence.
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The only forms of energy that do not cost the earth are the clean, natural ones--sunlight, water, hydrogen.
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Is your company or business organisation deeply concerned about the state of the planet?
Do you feel helpless in the face of government and bureaucratic inaction, and wish you could do something?
Then become an active part of the solution instead of staying a passive part of the problem.
Enable New Zealand leap to the forefront in solar-hydrogen technology rather than trailing along in the distance.
Enable tomorrow's generation to get expertise in solar-hydrogen technology right now.

It is imperative that they study it, because it will be part of their future; but they do not have the tools.
Cut through that knot by sponsoring a school into a leading-edge solar-hydrogen education package.

Choose a school near you--primary, intermediate, secondary or tertiary--and contact its Head of Science to find out what equipment is wanted, then contact EStarFuture.  Or contact EStarFuture to get the name of a school that wants the technology but cannot afford it.

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The sky, in which we all live and move and have our being, forms the boundary of our lives. It, literally, *is* is the limit. What we do to it we do to ourselves.
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