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E*Future's products are designed and built to give the next generation a better future. That is the only reason for their existence.
The only forms of energy that do not cost the earth are clean ones--sunlight, water, hydrogen.
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The logo and trademark of EStarFuture Corporation Limited (also trading as E*Future TM), in the livery for micro solar-hydrogen systems. Copyright 2005 Nobilangelo Ceramalus and EStarFuture Corporation. Click for company details.
micro solar-cell arrays, micro fuel-cells, micro fuel-cell cars, micro solar/fuel-cell systems, accessories
The sky, in which we all live and move and have our being, forms the boundary of our lives. It, literally, *is* is the limit. What we do to it we do to ourselves.
There are two kinds of teleshopping: have you click away at a computer, or let you talk to a real, live human being. We prefer the human touch, but PayPal is there if you prefer that.

When you have looked through the catalogue/s and decided what you want to buy, or want someone to help you decide, call us on freephone 0800-338-887, or fax us on 09-372-7001, or email us by clicking on this address, and we shall be happy to help you. These are fine products, we will not carry anything less; we are proud of them.

We will strive to give you the best service we can, so if there is no response at the freephone number, due to problems in hardware, problems in software, or just a glitch in brainware, please bear with us and leave a message, or email/fax us with your phone contact details so that we can call you back. Tell us what times would be most convenient for you.

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