A close-up of a corner of the large tile.
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A well-chosen mix of soft blue and green enhance this city plaza, gently enlivening the night.
The logo and trademark of EStarFuture Corporation (also trading as E*Future TM) in the full livery for solar-ultracapacitor products. Copyright 2005 Nobilangelo Ceramalus and EStarFuture Corporation. Click for company details.
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An Infinity Solar-Light Tile, showing the depth of the casing, which contains the ultracapacitors and control-circuitry. The dark squares round the perimeter are the solar cells. The LEDs are in the centre. Click for a PDF of technical specifications
The condition of the sky sets the limit to our lives. Only when we use clean energy sources can we guarantee a secure, quality future.
The energy from sunlight--clean, non-polluting, abundant, and as certain as the sunrise.
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The familiar lambent green of LEDs show that there can be simple beauty in advanced technology
Solar-Llight Tiles have a decorative function even when unlit in daytime hours, as this beautiful circular nook testifies.
A striking yet very practical use of the three primaries, red, green and blue, add the poetry of light to a broad stairway
Solar-Light Tiles can be mounted vertically and will work perfectly well, provided the surface receives enough light. It is best to test them temporarily in position first.
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