Nobilangelo Ceramalus, Managing Director & CEO of EStarFuture Corporation, born in New Zealand, polymath. Member of the New York Academy of Sciences. VTOL plane powered by fuel-cells. Passionate about planet-friendly technology, electric transportation.
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E*Future's Torrent Series of Electrolysers (TM)
Infinity's solar-light tiles and other solar-capacitor products
E*Power AC-to_DC Power-supply Modules (TM)
Fuel-cells (batteries that run on hydrogen)
Micro solar-hydrogen energy systems for science, education and recreation--from h-tec (TM)
The logo and trademark of EStarFuture Corporation Limited, trading as E*Future (TM). Copyright 2004 Nobilangelo Ceramalus, and 2005 EStarFuture Corporation Limited.
We live in the lower sky. Therefore what we do to the sky we do to ourselves. The sky, literally, *is* the limit. Its quality sets the limit to the quality of our lives.
Only clean energy keeps the sky clean; a high quality life is only possible in a clean sky.
New Zealand, the home of EStarFuture Corporation Limited. The company is based on Waiheke Island (the tiny green dot to the right of the red dot that marks Auckland, NZ's biggest city).